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About Us

The owner of Lazy L Limousine, Jonathan Larson, originally considered starting a limousine business in the beginning few months of 2014 when he purchased his very first limo. Not a very fancy limo, he began using it for personal reasons; taking family out on the town, a friends wedding, letting his nieces and nephews pretend they are royalty by riding in the limo anytime they want.

The following years he kept searching for the perfect limo to start with. It wasnt until 2019 that he finally found it and officially opened up for business.

Although he thoroughly enjoys every and all events from weddings, birthday parties, date nights and everything in between, the one thing he loves most is kids reactions the first time they step inside his limo. It puts a smile on his face every time!

The business name "Lazy L" has been around for many years. As early as the 1950's when Jonathan's grandfather, Gene, owned and operated Lazy L Ranch in Cache Valley. With respect to his father and grandfather, Jonathan decided to keep that name going.

As you may have already assumed, the L in Lazy L does not stand for Limo or Limousine (Unless Gene somehow knew someone in his family would own a limousine business). It actually stands for Larson. So for Gene, his business was Lazy Larson Ranch. For Jonathan, it is Lazy Larson Limousine. Due to the nature of this business, people will always assume the L stands for limo or limousine which is totally understandable!

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